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A Wing Meeting November 2022 - Synopsis

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

A wing

Wednesday 23rd Nov 2022

Visit to National Museum of Indian Cinema

The National Museum of Indian Cinema on Peddar Road is housed in two buildings - the 19th Century heritage building, Gulshan Mahal, and the New Museum Building, which showcases the history of Indian Cinema. There are ample artifacts, vintage equipment, and interactive digital elements and screens, tracing the history from the silent era of Baba Saheb Phalke’s first movie ‘Raja Harishchandra’ - to the present times. These provide a storehouse of information for the laymen and those connected with the industry. Old Film posters and B&W reels added to the nostalgia of that era.

The four floors in the new building are dedicated to Gandhi and Cinema, Children’s Studio, Technology & Creativity, and Cinema across India.

The Children’s film studio gave an interactive, hands-on experience with the camera, animation, and changing backdrops.

Members enjoyed the special effects, photographing themselves climbing a rickety wooden bridge, riding on a speeding train, and walking in a snow-clad valley.

A lifelike statue of a young Satyajit Ray in the foyer, and Gandhiji and Raj Kapoor on different floors were great photo ops.

The tour ended in the foyer where Chef Harsh Shodhan had laid out Hi-Tea.

The Mexican Quinoa & Guacamole Jars rubbed shoulders with Lebanese Paneer Roll, Chola Kulche, Handva Muffins, and his signature Baked Vada Pav. Carrot Orange cake and Peru Kulfi sticks added a sweet touch. Freshly brewed tea and coffee, helped the food settle in.

Prizes were given to members dressed as the Raj Kapoor-Nargis duo and a sizzling Rekha in a red sari.

An enlightening tour of the world of Indian cinema, a delicious Hi-Tea, and a great cinematic performance by our In-house actors.

The perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends

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