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A Wing Meeting June 2021 - Marma Therapy

‘A’ Wing

11th June 2021

MARMA THERAPY - Dipak Vatsa On Zoom

The Golden Anniversary celebrations began with a bang.

President Shashi Agarwal introduced her team in a beautiful video, comparing each

committee member to a precious stone. The Navratnas for the year.

Thanks to the pandemic, Healing was the mantra of the month.

Speaker Dipak Vatsa discussed different diets and pressure points, to remove stress

and restore wellness to body, mind, and soul. By activating the 108 ‘marma’ points in

the human body, we could achieve the true ‘essence’ of happiness and positivity.

An interactive and absorbing session, very relevant to today’s times, with many takeaways

for members to apply to their daily life.

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