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8th August 2021 - WorldPh.D. Health Award

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Health Hamesha WorldPh.D. Health Award

8th August on Zoom

RUCHIKA CLUB was one of the proud recipients of the HEALTH HAMESHA WORLD PhD

awards conferred to organizations and individuals who had made impressive

contributions in the pandemic, to alleviate stress and help the needy. The Club was

chosen to be a Special Ambassador on Public Health Day, to receive the award for

exemplary work done in these troubled times

Our Founder Sumitra Shroff spoke on behalf of the Club at the online forum, taking a

pledge to work towards aiding in health issues and uplifting women and children.

The Zoom meeting was hosted by Dr. Vimal Rathi, a cosmetic surgeon from Surat, and

the pledge given by Manjuji Lodha of Lodha Foundations, Mumbai. It was a feather in our

cap, to be honored on a world forum, where several illustrious speakers from several

cities participated. Our Golden Anniversary motto of ‘HEAL & SERVE’ was indeed

recognized and fulfilled!

Enclosed here is a recording of Sumitraji’s speech, along with some photos.

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Shobha Jhunjhunwalla
Shobha Jhunjhunwalla
11 de ago. de 2021

Kudos to Ruchika Club for their diverse charitable endeavors, which have touched every strata of society and genuinely helped in the upliftment of the needy. So proud to be a part of this Ruchika Team effort.

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