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2nd Vaccination Drive – September 2021

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

2nd Vaccination Drive

8th September 2021 Walsingham House School, Napean Sea Road

Ruchika Club organized the second Vaccination Drive, three months after the first

one in June 2021, to give its members and visitors, their second dose of


Our member, Mrs. Sujata Mittal, generously gave us the school premises, for this

noble cause. She visited the drive, to oversee everything was functioning

smoothly. The school staff was also very helpful and attentive. Our grateful

thanks to the Mittal family for their continued support.

The vaccines were sourced from Dr. Ankur Mehta of Dr. Ambedkar’s Lifeline

Medicare Hospitals.

A total of 1000 people were given their shots, along with their bonafide


885 free vaccines were given through the day. Visitors wrote back to Compliment

the club on the meticulous management and spacious arrangements made, for all

those who came.

Despite the rain, the arrangement was made for the public to wait in a covered space,

till it was their turn. Ruchika Club volunteers worked diligently to look after every


In its Golden 50th Anniversary, the club has pledged to ‘Serve and Heal’ society

and extend a helping hand to the needy. The Vaccination Drive was in keeping

with our pledge.

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